About Us

My Name is Yasmin Almasri. I am the founder and CEO of My Royal House. com

 As a mother and housewife from a middle eastern heritage I always struggled to find middle eastern household items such as decorations for the holidays and gifts for my family for our personal occasions.

I always saw the things that friends bring back from the middle east and always wished that we can find such beautiful items here in the US. That’s when My Royal House was born.

We started to look for ways to bring these gorgeous pieces and make them accessible for all our customers here in the US and Canada.

Not only that!

My Royal House has expanded greatly when we put our creative thoughts together , we started producing items featuring the beautiful Arabic calligraphy and offer a variety of options for our customers. 

It is a great honor to be able to educate and spread the knowledge of the middle eastern culture here in the united states and to be able to serve our community.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority. We strive to create a special work of art that you can keep or preset as gifts to your loved ones on their special occasion.

With us your occasions and made special.